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MVR Medical Centre has:

  1. A well equipped eye clinic with experienced retinal surgeons. Cataract surgeries here are being done with modern equipment and at much lower costs.

  2. A dental clinic where patients are thoroughly screened for dental complications, with all dental procedures  being performed

  3. Nephrologist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, and dermatologist consultations (with prior appointments only)

  4. Surgical units with facilities for Plastic, Orthopedic, General, Pediatric, ENT, and Vascular surgery. Neurosurgery care provided by a well equipped operation theatre

  5. Well-experienced surgeons. Deadly foot & leg infections have been treated well and remarkable results achieved, with minimal or no loss of the limb. Skin grafting is also done to facilitate  quicker healing for the patient

  6. Intensive care and monitoring, with a team of experienced doctors & dedicated nursing staff, which improves the conditions of even extremely ill patients with low mortality rates

  7. OBG services: Normal, assisted deliveries and Caesarian deliveries have been performed with a 100% success rate, by experts in the field of gynecology. Hysterectomy and Dilation & Curettage are being done here. High risk delivery cases are performed, with pediatricians readily available to give neonatal care, with facilities including the fetal monitoring CTG (Cardiotocography), baby warmer, and post operative ward

  8. Surgical facilities for the removal of gall bladder and kidney stones; Appendicectomy, pediatric surgeries, circumcision, vasectomy, tubectomy, and family planning surgeries are also done.

  9. Orthopedic surgeons available for all 24 hours to attend to emergencies

  10. Ambulance service

  11. A physiotherapy unit that offers various modality for pain relief, tractions, etc.

  12. Cystoscopy facilities

  13. Endoscopy (Oral Gastro Duodeno scopy) facilities

  14. Bronchoscopy facilities starting shortly

  15. Facilities for peritoneal dialysis and ventilator support for high-risk cases

  16. Intensivists and anesthetists to take care of seriously ill patients

  17. Foot wear specially designed for diabetics

  18. Diabetes education done using audio visual aids

  19. Free beds (General ward) for patients undergoing DHC-III package or diabetic whole body check-ups

  20. Deluxe rooms and general wards

Ever since it started functioning with dedicated doctors, state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians, M.V.R. Medical Centre has rapidly grown, and is being trusted by the diabetic population in and around Puducherry. With services are available at reasonable and affordable rates, and a trusted lab with internal and external quality control, more and more patients are benefitting.

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